~Testimonials for Oregon AHMA~

They came, they participated, and they wrote these comments on their evaluation forms!



Comments regarding our monthly continuing education classes:

“I found this class to be immensely useful and interesting. Thank you.”

“Trainer John Campbell was warm and engaging and well-versed in his session materials.”

“Got the information I needed. Thank you.”

“This was a good class with a great instructor.”

“The AHMA staff was very welcoming, and the instructor was relaxed and knowledgeable.”

“Trainer Karen Burkett was awesome. She has great knowledge and a super attitude.”

“Excellent workshop, loved the exercises!”

“The instructor combined a lecture and small group exercises, and it turned out to be an excellent class.”

“This was a great program idea; the small group format worked well.”

“The AHMA classes are always informative, and I learn something every time I come. Thank you.”

“The class was three of the most informative hours I have spent in a long time. Thank you!”

“I loved Anita Moseman’s examples and analogies. She spent extra time on topics that needed it.”

“Diane Hess was very patient with questions. She always has a great presentation.”

“Your classes always meet the stated objectives.”

“Zach Howell puts on a great workshop!”

“This was the best training on EIV that I have attended.”

“You know I love Misty’s and Melody’s trainings; they are terrific!”

Comments regarding our annual conference:

“Jay DeLapp was excellent and well versed in his subject. He brought a lot of good information to the class.”

“This was one of my favorite sessions because it taught me something new.”

“I would recommend the General Occupancy Track to any manager, but especially to a new manager. It was very well done.”

“I really connected with the General Occupancy Track. Fun, funny, and informative.”

“Anita Moseman is great. She keeps the group focused and is NOT boring. She is an excellent speaker.”

“Jeff Boyd does an excellent job; his knowledge of maintenance subjects is incredible.”

“Theresa Easbey’s examples and slides with funny characters were the best. I’m always excited when I see that she is going to be a speaker at your conference.”

“Zach Lopez gave us tools that we can use in every day computer tasks.”

“Dave Bachman was a great speaker. Please have him do the same presentation again.”

“Love that you do this landlord-tenant law/fair housing plenary year after year. It’s a good reinforcement of the way I’m doing things, and I get my questions answered.”

“Awesome banquet, award ceremonies, and door prizes. I am very appreciative!”