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Don't get caught in the dark by the new light bulb law!

Please click on the link, below, to read about the newest mandatory changes to light bulb manufacture. Housing project managers: this article would make an excellent addition to your tenant newsletter. Maintenance technicians: learn how to translate the new packaging before purchasing more light bulbs for your complex. New Year, New Light Bulbs!

There’s no place like (a SAFE) Home

Is your apartment “baby/toddler-proof?” The Tom Sargent Safety Center website offers a wonderful selection of safety checklists in English and Spanish. Click on the website address below to download safety checklists for your home.

You can also purchase childproofing materials and safety equipment at the Safety Center, which is located in the Doernbecher Children's Hospital Lobby, 700 SW Campus Drive Portland, Oregon 97239. Phone: 503-418-5666.

When Opening Windows – Stop and Lock at 4 inches

Window falls are predictable, therefore preventable. Click on the web link for information on what families can do to prevent child window falls, where families can find information on what kind of window stop, lock, or guard is needed for their particular windows, and where educators can learn about the issue and disseminate this injury prevention message. We need your help to reduce the risk of injury to children – please learn about window falls and take action!

Reduce Fires on Your Property!

For Owners, Managers, & Maintenance Staff: There are many things managers and property owners can do to mitigate and reduce the severity of fires on their property. Identifying access issues, building deficiencies, and unsafe tenant behavior can mean the difference between life and death when fire breaks out. Use the TVF& R Self-Inspection Checklist and Tenant Space Checklist to help make your complex safer!

Landscaping without toxins

Playgrounds and gardens are very important to the residents of a multifamily housing community. Disengaging from landscaping practices that dump pesticides into the soil protects children, adults, and other living creatures that inhabit green spaces. Interested in a more organic, healthy landscape? Click on the link below for some excellent resource information!

Mediation Services for Tenant Disputes

Mediation can stop disagreements before they can escalate into full-blown fights between tenants and tenants or tenants and management.  Here is a list of mediation service providers in Oregon. 

Portland Metro Area

  • Beaverton Dispute Resolution Center  503-526-2523

  • East Metro Mediation   503-618-3247

  • Resolutions Northwest   503-595-4890

  • Clackamas Co. Dispute Resolution Center   503-655-8850

Willamette Valley

  • Neighbor to Neighbor   503-585-0651

  • Linn-Benton Mediation Services   541-928-5323

  • Community Mediation Services, Polk Co.   503-623-3111

  • Community Mediation Services, Lane Co.   541-344-5366

Southwest Oregon

  • Mediation Works   541-770-2468

  • Common Ground Mediation Center   541-476-2422

  • Douglas Co. Neighbor to Neighbor   541-957-8282

Central Oregon Central OR

  • Dispute Resolution Center   541-383-0187

  • Six Rivers Mediation Service   541-296-5220

Eastern Oregon

  • Eastern Oregon Mediation Center  541-786-0270

The Oregon Coast

  • Conflict Solutions, Tillamook Co.   503-842-1812

  • Lincoln Community Dispute Resolution   541-574-9846